New site launch: Tribalik

Jewellery brand Tribalik required a new store for their vast catalogue of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and things we didn’t even know existed before we took this on. It was started over 15 years ago and alongside two physical stores has a rapidly increasing online presence as a body jewellery boutique housing the most distinctive designs. They create traditional jewellery based on tribal or urban designs and also more alternative body jewellery such as septum rings, ear plugs and tunnels, and ear weights. Like I say, we didn’t know what a lot of this stuff was, but learning is fun.

Built in Shopify with an additional filtration system put in to handle the vast array of options available in such a large catalogue with so many product variants, while still maintaining a clean and easy user journey to product and catalogue layout. The site is simple, stylish and functional. Check it out here.