Learn to love the process

We love our processes, so much we made a pretty diagram to illustrate the way we work when creating a new brand or developing a website concept. Sure it gave us a chance to play with nice pastel colours and make a nice infographic, but mostly it helped us solidify our internal process and consider how best to convey this to clients, which we find super useful when starting a new project.

Clarity, it’s all about clarity. Like when you’re stuck on a train and it stops for seemingly no reason – all you want to know is why it stopped, but if they don’t tell you anything, damn that’s frustrating. Clarity helps everyone get on the same page and understand what’s required, and that starts by understanding the process. So yes, this isn’t really about trains, but you get where i’m coming from.

We have been working on a system here at LSS that will allow us to keep our clients informed through every stage of a project in a clear, visual, digital project board. We can’t wait to get this in front of our clients, we think it’s going to help keep everyone on the same page, understand requirements and responsibilities, and get things done a whole bunch quicker. Pending….