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Long Story Short; helping brands
get where they need to be, since 2003*

What does your visual identity say about your business? Is it cheap & cheerful or costly & high-end? Are your audience seeing you the way you want to be seen? Good branding & clear communication should help customers recognise & understand not only a service, but an ethos, mission, passion & purpose. Put your best foot forward, a strong brand is a foundation you can build on.

We create tailored visual identities, develop tone of voice & build brand books to keep communications within the lines. Great brands come from finding a personality & developing that into a clear, focused message that echoes through everything. If you’d like to discuss branding work get in touch or take a tour through the projects below.

*Disclaimer: Technically it’s been since 2009, so we swapped it as the number 9 doesn’t rhyme, though oddly enough it does this time, & everyone enjoys a rhyming headline.