We like to move it move it

We’ve been doing animations in-house for years now, but rarely shouting about it. The projects we’ve been working on recently have required an increasing amount of animation work, making it a crucial part of our workflow, & yet we’ve not taken the time to give it the recognition it deserves. We thought it was high time we made mention of the type of animation work we can do & what it can be used for.

Principally animations are great for showing off things that can’t be done justice by a flat image, or where text falls flat on the page. In truth, these days users don’t read not so good no more, & why bother when there are pretty pictures & videos to look at. This is where a lot of animations come in – it’s the best way out there to make a splash, the best way to jump off the page.

Long Story Short: Logo Animation

Agfetch: Animated Logo Development

CGP London: Animated Logo System

Doodle Films: Animated Illustration

Eduvee: Wireframe Prototype

One Step Closer To: App Prototype

Good Cosmetics: Website Prototype

M&C Saatchi: Website Prototype

In truth you can use animations for all sorts of things, but, perhaps most exciting for us though is working on dynamic brands. This is something that’s of increasing prominence and importance over the last decade – visual identities designed to be both static & animated. When creating a logo, a visual symbol of a brand, traditionally that logo only existed in static form where movement is not possible – printed materials, shop signs, packaging…

The times they are a changing though, now that logo may well spend 90% of it’s time in the spotlight on a website, app or tv screen. In which case a flat, plain old logo doesn’t cut it no more, though it’s still crucial that any visual identity works in static as well as animated form.

This is a fun new challenge, it really blows the doors off when creating something new. Though there’s no reason why this is restricted to the next new thing – it’s as relevant & important for old brands as well as new.

Get a little movement in your life. Get jiggy with it. Give us a shout, we like to make it move.