We’re spoilt. These days if an app interface is anything other than exemplary, it’s binned in the first five mins. After all, who has the time?

As we delve deeper into dependence on tech, quality user experience is all the more critical. Touch screens have allowed the way we interact with software to become as flexible as the software itself, only amplifying the value of quality interface design. We’re so used to carefully honed & tested apps developed by huge teams on huge budgets, anything new is held to an increasingly high standard.

Therein lies the challenge; it takes careful work to create a user experience that makes the grade. Mapping out the user journey, creating the interface, allowing for cross platform quirks & traditions, all wrapped up in an experience that ‘feels’ the way it should, it’s a quest of sorts. We’d love to chat about new UI / UX projects, but don’t let us go on too long about it, sometimes we won’t shut up.